Asbestos Art Space (AAS) is a cultural organization based in Bandung, Indonesia. Founded in 2002 by Indonesian artists Mimi Fadmi and W Christiawan.

AAS is created to complete and support the existing Indonesian art infrastructure to develop better future infrastructure.

AAS explores the new possibilities of art expression and provides creative space which enables artists as well as theoriticians from various artistic backgrounds and nationalities to present art works, exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences.

AAS is located at the heart of Bandung City and accessible to public facilities; 24 hours city transport, hotel, restaurant, telecommunication center, cybercafe, hospital, supermall and shuttle bus to International Airport Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta.



Director W Christiawan
Programme Coordinator Mimi Fadmi
Treasurer Awan Gunawan

Staff Dylan MC, Asep Ferry Rahmat, Tita Jubaedah, Ening Supriyanto


Asbestos Art Space is expected to be able to answer the challenge of global culture by the wisdom of local values.
To complete and support the existing Indonesian art infrastructure to develop better future infrastructure.

Performance Studies
Bi-monthly Programme World Wide Performance, Festival
Art Exhibition/ Presentation
Performance Art Documentation Exhibition, Screening Video Works
Visiting Artist/Guest Lecture, Discussion, Course
Collection and documentation

The space dimension is 40m2 (8 m X 5m), actually it offers more intimate atmosphere between artist (or performer ) and the audience. According to artists’ concept or artistic needs, the space is very flexible to use as gallery, cinemaroom, presentation and performance space. Usually in Performance Programme, the artists are possible to change the scene or use front-yard as performance space.


Previous Programmes and Collaborations


2002 Performance Art Parade Action Poetry the Poet of Body, CCF Bandung

Performance Lecture vesion 1.5 by W Christiawan, Trimatra Center Bandung.

Polygame Touring Performance Art, Tasikmalaya and Ruang Rupa Jakarta

2003 Performance Art Workshop, Komunitas Azan Tasikmalaya


In order to explore the treasury of world performance, since September 2006 AAS has been curating bi-monthly Performance Programme entitled World Wide Performance. Each edition has its own theme that give a new nuance in the performance scene in Indonesia.


2006 World Wide Performance # 1: SPIRITUALITY
Performance Art by W Christiawan, Indonesian Prayer and discussion about Marina Abramovic’s work.

World Wide Performance # 2 : PERFORMATIVITY
Performativity on Videoessay by W Christiawan, from Artaud to Marina Abramovic. Followed by Performance event in the evening by Asep Holidin, Ferry Huiz and Duo Eka-Pian.


World Wide Performance # 3: FOOD AND THE CITY
Screening Peter Brook Film. Discussion by Arthur S Nalan and Silvester Petara Hurit
Followed by Performance event in the evening by Mimi Fadmi dan W Christiawan, “Food and the City”


Asbestos Art Space

Jl RAA Martanegara no 86 Bandung 40264 Indonesia

Phone: 62-22-7320838

Email : asbestos_art_space@hotmail.com